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Enhance your body contour and tighten your skin with our reliable Emsculpt treatment.

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Build Muscles and Reshape Your Body with a Revolutionized Emsculpt

Build Muscles and Reshape Your Body with a Revolutionized Emsculpt

Emsculpt is a non-invasive technique that works effectively on both men and women to reduce fat and build muscle. Emsculpt treatments improve the tone and contour of your body by building muscle and burning fat, in contrast to conventional body sculpting procedures that only address fat and skin. An effective Emsculpt treatment may assist you in speeding up your fitness journey and accomplishing your body goals effortlessly. With our world-class BTL Emsculpt device, Haven Medspa strives to help you take a step closer to your dream body with revolutionary Emsculpt treatment in Yuba City and Lincoln/Rocklin, CA.

Body Areas You Can Treat with Emsculpt Services at Haven Medspa

Haven Medspa provides revolutionary services and solutions to help each client sculpt their body to meet their aesthetic goals. We treat the following areas with our Emsculpt treatment:

Abdomen Buttocks Arms Thighs Calves

Better Contour, Higher Confidence Through a Quick Procedure

Emsculpt is the first FDA-cleared device certified to reduce unwanted fat and gain the required muscular mass. Emsculpt treatment delivers HIFEM R (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Fields) to stimulate and strengthen the muscles in the targeted area. This technology is comparable to those utilized in MRIs. Compared to the natural muscle contractions during exercise, Emsculpt produces considerably stronger muscle contractions. In addition to toning you up, the contractions burn off extra fat. It takes 20,000 muscle contractions to complete a 30-minute session without discomfort and downtime.

Effortless, Easy, and Effective—Emsculpt Offers All the Benefits You Need

Effortless, Easy, and Effective—Emsculpt Offers All the Benefits You Need

Emsculpt treatment is a risk-free and efficient alternative for surgical procedures, which might entail concerns and require prolonged recovery sessions. Emsculpt provides the following remarkable benefits—

  • Burns Fat Naturally
  • Needs no downtime
  • 30-minute time frame
  • Well-targeted

Get a Focused, Cutting-edge Emsculpt with Zero Downtime at Haven Medspa Today

As a trusted and experienced provider of this cutting-edge body sculpting process, Haven Medspa is committed to providing result-driven Emsculpt treatments. Our specialists are dedicated to meeting your individual needs and delivering your desired aesthetic results.

Highlights of our services include:

  • Dermatologist-led practice that puts patient first
  • Global, holistic, and ethical perspective
  • FDA-endorsed modern technologies
  • Scientifically proven treatments
  • Quick & safe therapy
  • Cleanliness & quality
  • Patient contentment


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Emsculpt Treatment FAQs

No, Emsculpt treatments don’t hurt or cause noticeable discomfort. Patients frequently report experiencing a pulling sensation. Our aestheticians have complete control over treatment intensity, ensuring that patients are treated appropriately.

Emsculpt treatments are an effective option for both men and women who want to improve the shape and appearance of their buttocks or abdomen. Generally speaking, healthy people who regularly exercise and eat a balanced diet attain desirable results from the therapy.

Treatment leads to permanent fat loss. The procedure kills fat cells in the treated area, and your body eventually completely removes those fat cells.

Everyone is different; however, many people get their perfect aesthetic after 3-4 sessions, each lasting 30 minutes spaced out for 2-3 days. The quantity of therapy sessions ultimately depends on your body and objectives.

Although Emsculpt simulated a rigorous workout for the targeted body area, the results won’t appear immediately. You can anticipate seeing improvements to the targeted area within two to four weeks after your final session.

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